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2017 Spring Pantone Colors for Weddings

spring pantone colorsEach year, the experts at the Pantone Color Institute attend the most important fashion shows, with the goal of discovering which colors that the top designers are using in their new collections. Experience has shown that the fashion trends on the runway translate to the hottest trends in home design, accessories, and wedding events. If you are planning a wedding and are curious as to the 2017 Spring Pantone colors, Bice’s Florist has all the information you are looking for. What is your wedding style?
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Incorporating Flowers into your Proposal


Asking someone to marry you can be quite intimidating- and the way people approach the big question varies from the simple to the extravagant. No matter how you choose to ask for the hand of your intended, the wedding experts at Bice’s Florist are a great resource. We’ve seen hundreds of Fort Worth area weddings, and we know a thing or two about adding florals to any important event! When planning your proposal, you can never have too many flowers – and we’d like to help to inspire you.
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Wedding Details and Extras

wedding details

When it comes to wedding planning, it seems the decisions just keep coming. But when the major choices are made, you can begin to look at some of the smaller details and little extras that you can add to your ceremony and reception to make them truly “yours”. Once you choose your wedding florals – bouquets, centerpieces, and head table designs – you can use them as inspiration to infuse your entire day with your style and personality.  Here are some ideas for floral wedding details from Bice’s Florist, born from our decades of wedding design experience.
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Wedding Trends – Metallics and Glittering Accents

wedding trends

wedding trends
Silver, gold or mixed metals – metallic accents are one of the hottest wedding trends of the last several years, and the momentum doesn’t seem to be slowing down at all. Metallics add glimmer, shine, glamour and sophistication to your special day – and they blend amazingly well with virtually any type of flower or any color palette.  If you are looking for a way to add extra details that will make your day sparkle from any angle, metallics are a perfect choice. And the floral experts at Bice’s Florist are the people to trust for all of your wedding day florals.

Metallic details can be bold, such as towering vases for flowers, polished silver goblets that catch the candlelight, or golden candelabras, photo frames and mirrors that provide an opulent, vintage look.
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Cascading Orchid Bouquets for Weddings

orchid bouquets

orchid bouquetWhen planning your wedding day, you have many details to consider that will create a visual statement for the event, one that exudes your personal style and flair. Your wedding flowers and bouquets showcase your personality – so whether fun loving, bold, or romantic, there is both a flower and a style just right for you.  Orchids are one of the most timeless floral choices for many reasons, not the least of which being their classic beauty and sophistication. When you design this exquisite flower into a cascading orchid bouquet, the result is spectacular. If you are planning a Fort Worth or Hurst area wedding, you will want to stop by Bice’s Florist to see these amazing florals.

The orchid has always been popular with brides. There is simply no bloom more elegant or bice3romantic. However, orchids do come in hundreds of varieties, some immediately recognizable and some more obscure.  Which is the right orchid for you? When designing a personal orchid bouquet for the bride, our designers tend toward orchid varieties which occur in large and lavish blooms. The bouquet above showcases the white cymbidium paired with white roses. The cymbidium has an abundant blossom with a contrasting patterned center which adds a splash of color while maintaining the overall white theme of the day. Many brides choose to use one type of orchid for her own bouquet, and another for the bridesmaid bouquets, venue flowers, and details.

Dendrobium orchids lend themselves to boutonnieres and corsages, as seen above. A much smaller bloom, they are not a likely choice for an orchid bouquet but are perfect for the delicate elements of the celebration, such as hairpieces and cake decor.  Regardless of the look you are going for, from classically romantic to contemporary and trendy, there is an orchid perfect for you. Call for an appointment to meet with the experts at Bice’s Florist to discuss your wedding flowers and bouquets; we will show you several varieties, experiment with combinations and come up with the most amazing orchid bouquet, designed just for you.


Summer Planning for Your Holiday Wedding

holiday weddingThe joy, magic and romance of the holiday season makes it a great time to celebrate a wedding.  Wondering where to start when planning a winter wedding? For those couples anxiously awaiting their big day, the summer months are actually the right time to begin consolidating all the details and finalizing bookings. Most wedding coordinators recommend having your venue booked and dresses chosen 6 months out from the date.
Whether you have chosen a church, restaurant, hotel or any other event venue, expert planners advise asking if they will be decorating the space for the holiday season. Many venues will already be adorning their space with beautiful lights, trees, wreaths, and festive plants which may be able to be incorporated into your winter wedding ambiance. For instance, a large staircase with lights and florals may make a stunning photo location; but only if their color palette or style does not clash with yours. Knowing what the venue has planned may affect your choices, and could save you on cost, time and setup.
Next, it is important to decide on your floral arrangements, centerpieces, and bouquets. As a bride, it would be a nightmare to hear at the last minute that the flowers you always dreamed of cannot be found in time; or are not seasonally available. Making your floral plans now can ensure that you will be educated on what types of flowers and plants are going to be ready and accessible during the winter, as well as have proper time to decide on the looks that you love. This is an area where the expertise of our team will be extremely valuable – helping you to determine the right look, the right blooms and the right vision – while staying within the right budget. Experimenting with different flowers in person is a great way to visualize what everything will look like well in advance.
In only 6 months, it will be time to walk down the aisle. Let Bice’s Florist make sure that every floral detail of that day is just as you’ve dreamed. Call us today to plan your perfect winter wedding.

Work with a Floral Wedding Designer for Better Value

wedding tipsWhen it comes to wedding planning, there is a seemingly endless list of decisions to make, and each one of them has a dollar amount attached to it. Because it is your special day, you likely have a vision of how you want everything to look – from the dress to the cake to the flowers; you’ve been saving clippings and photos for months. Unfortunately, many brides make a critical mistake when choosing their flowers – that of simply choosing the cheapest option.

The truth of the matter is that by working with a floral wedding designer, you may get a more beautiful display for less money.

How is this possible? If a florist gives you a price substantially under everyone, corners are being cut somewhere. Whether they will be using more filler and fewer flowers, or providing floral arrangements that are not of the quality you expect, staying within a budget is no reason to sacrifice a beautiful day.

The expert floral designers at Bice’s Florist are more than florists, they are artists, and they know their art. How will you benefit? The Bice wedding consultant will listen to your needs, look at your “dream photos” and your desires for your wedding. Then, they will provide you with three proposals. First, you will receive a quote for the flowers exactly as you requested, without regard to budget. However, you will also receive additional proposals – utilizing their expert knowledge of all species of flowers; they will suggest bouquets and arrangements that will give you the same look and feel that you are imagining but at a more affordable price level. That is, your flowers will be just as beautiful as you ever dreamed, but fit within your budget and give you maximum value. A floral designer can guide you to more cost effective options, which will allow you to achieve the luxurious floral ambiance you expect and deserve.

Don’t trust your wedding to the lowest bidder – let us work with you to create the perfect wedding flowers that will wow your guests and give you the wedding of your dreams.

Mother of the Bride Responsibilities

mother rolesThroughout their lives, a mother fills many roles for her children. The assistance and support that she provides doesn’t stop once a wedding day approaches, however. In fact, the mother of the bride is responsible for many of the tasks it takes to make the wedding planning go smoothly. From assisting with the guest list to welcoming guests at the reception, the mother of the bride has a way of making sure everything works out beautifully.

The most important thing the mother of the bride can contribute is ongoing encouragement, cheerful support, and a shoulder to lean on. After all, she is mom, and that’s what moms do. The more tactile responsibilities of the mother of the bride include helping to determine the budget; helping to choose the venue and compile the guest list; sending the invitations and managing the responses, and coordinating all the relevant details with the vendors. These vendors include the entertainers, caterers, photographers and of course, the florist.

One of the most cherished jobs that belong to the mother of the bride is to accompany her daughter when shopping for the all important wedding gown. As one of the very few people who gets the chance to see the bride before the ceremony, mom has a special privilege and bond with her daughter. Mom will also help to pick out accessories, collect “something borrowed, old and blue”, and be the one with her daughter as she dresses for the wedding. Some traditions state that it should be the mother of the bride who places the veil over the bride’s face.

At Bice’s Florist, our team of floral designers is eager to help each and every bride – and her mother – create fresh floral arrangements that will accentuate their personal flair and style. Let us help you to create the Fort Worth event of the year – your wedding day!

Strange but True Wedding Traditions

wedding traditionsThey say truth is stranger than fiction, and in regards to wedding tradition, the stories attest to that. So many of the rituals and ceremonies that we hold dear on our wedding day are deeply rooted in ancient superstition, historical significance and cultural beliefs. Today, they are simply traditions – but the accepted elements of a wedding ceremony are often anything but classic in origin.

  • The Proposal – the groom rarely proposed in eras past; he instead sent family members to ask the bride’s family members for her hand. However, if they passed a pregnant woman, blind man or a monk on their journey, they turned around and the wedding was off.
  • The Bride’s Dress – although we have come to understand white to mean purity and chastity, it wasn’t until the 19th century that it became common for brides to wear white. Traditionally they would wear their best dress, whatever color. It was Queen Victoria, in the 19th century, who challenged the royal tradition of wearing silver to be married, and instead chose white, inspiring others to do the same. The veil was first worn to protect the bride from evil spirits.
  • The Bridal Party – In ancient warring cultures, bridesmaids and groomsmen were actually chosen to protect the bride from marauders who might kidnap her on her wedding day. Similarly, the best man was the groom’s most trusted fighting ally; and the tradition of the bride standing to the groom’s left originated so he could have access to his sword to defend her from attackers.
  • The Wedding Ring – Long a symbol of eternity, the ring is placed on the fourth finger of the left hand because it is believed that a vein runs directly from this finger to the heart.
  • The Wedding Cake – In some tribal cultures, the simple act of eating a wedding cake together is considered a marriage ceremony. In England centuries ago, guests brought small buns to the ceremony and piled them up. If the bride and groom could lean across the pile and kiss without upsetting the mound, it was considered good luck. The traditions of a tiered wedding cake, and the sharing of the wedding cake followed by a kiss, are derivations of this tradition.

Although flowers have always been a part of wedding ceremonies, they were less decorative and more symbolic. The type of flower was chosen for its meaning and underlying significance, such as fidelity, trust, love or passion. Today, brides and grooms choose floral bouquets, arrangements and centerpieces based on color, style, theme or preference – but whatever your choice of flower, the right choice of florist for your Fort Worth wedding is Bice’s Florist.

After all, your wedding is your time to start a few new traditions. And we are here to help.



Fort Worth Summer Weddings

summer weddingsFort Worth is known for hot summer days. Still, the beauty of the outdoors beckons couples every year as they plan their weddings during these steamy months. If you are a Fort Worth couple looking for the perfect outdoor event , experts have plenty of suggestions to make sure your day is as comfortable as possible for you and your guests – as well as beautifully appointed with fresh looking flowers that don’t wilt in the heat.


  • Consider holding the event in the late afternoon or just before sunset, when the sun is no longer high in the sky. Make sure when positioning the guest seating to make sure they are not looking into the setting sun.
  • If rain is a possibility – and it usually is – look into covered porticos or patios, or hold the event under a tent, allowing for shade as well.
  • Have drinks available for your guests from the time they arrive; water in decorative glasses or non-alcoholic, refreshing sparkling drinks can be passed around before and after the ceremony.
  • If your photos and ceremony will be held outside, you may wish to have two sets of bridal and bridesmaid bouquets – one for early photos, one for the ceremony. In this way, your bouquet will not begin to wilt before you walk down the aisle.
  • Choose hardy flowers that do well in hot temperatures- including roses, orchids and calla lilies. Keep them in water for as long as possible, and create centerpieces and venue décor in large vases filled with water. Fill in bouquets with succulents or eucalyptus leaves which hold up well during hot afternoons.
summer weddings summer weddings

As you plan your Fort Worth summer wedding, contact Bice’s Florists for inspiration and tips as to how to create striking bridal bouquets and centerpieces that will withstand the summer heat. From January to December and every month in between we are your one-stop wedding source for the very best florals.