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Tall Centerpieces are Trending for Your 2016 Wedding

tall centerpeices2016 wedding planning is in full swing, and many of the top trends in venues, colors and flowers are becoming apparent. Romantic themes are back as strong as ever; including vintage venues and soft blush color palettes. Creative lighting elements set the mood; whether sophisticated candelabras or strings of Edison lights, ambient glow is trending.



Tall centerpieces are one of the floral choices that many couples are considering this year.

Why are high centerpieces trending?

  • The elegant stature of the arrangement looks striking in a venue with soaring ceilings or open air – anyplace where there is plenty of space.
  • High floral arrangements draw the eye upwards off the table, and accentuates lighting elements such as tapers candles or suspended illumination.
  • Friends and family will enjoy unhindered line of sight, allowing for easier conversation and mingling.
tall centerpieces tall centerpieces

To soar to new heights when designing your wedding florals, contact Bice Florist for ideas as to the right varietals to elongate the display; our experts will also help you bring your vision to life with inspiration as to presentation.


  • Utilize vases, containers, glassware and and even candlesticks to raise the florals above the party. Rose petals, orchids or lilies can be beautifully exhibited in slender or cylindrical glass vases.
  • Vintage and rustic details such as metallic boxes or jeweled pedestals add creative interest.
  • Utilizing tall, slender stalks and natural details will elongate the line of the arrangement. Ca while achieving height.
  • Gladioli, calla lilies, sunflowers, lupine flowers and orchid stems are popular options for long stemmed flowers; while grasses or twigs add an organic touch.


Bice’s Florists is Fort Worth’s premiere provider of wedding flowers. Our planners and expert florists will work within your color palettes and design theme to recommend the perfect blooms – if you are recently engaged, give us a call or stop by to begin planning the perfect wedding -yours.


Bice’s Favorite Wedding Flowers of 2015

wedding flowersWe had a great year providing wedding flowers for the Fort Worth area – and 2016 is promising to be a great year! We are looking forward to meeting all of the newly engaged couples who will be planning a wedding over the next several months – why should you choose Bice’s for all your floral needs?


Any florist can provide flowers for your wedding. But Bice’s expert floral designers take the time to work with you to create unique and eye-catching bouquets and floral displays for your wedding that are truly different, personal and memorable. We can provide gorgeous flowers for every aspect of your wedding – here are some of our past favorites:


Bouquets: This exquisite bouquets was made with white gardenias and roses, guaranteeing it smelled as beautiful as it looked.

wedding flowers wedding flowers

Ceremony Venue Flowers: Branches and vines, strewn with tulips and stargazer lilies create a canopy worthy of overseeing a special wedding.


Centerpieces: Country chic mason jars filled with a wildflower bouquet adds a rustically beautiful touch.

wedding flowers wedding flowers

Place Settings: These elegant mini roses set on green leaves make ideal individual gift for each of your guests.


Whatever your idea of the perfect wedding, the expert designers at Bice’s Florist are ready to help you create incredible floral arrangements and accents, from start to finish. We look forward to meeting you and to hearing your ideas; then bringing them to life with beautiful flowers.

Ways to Incorporate Pantone’s Spring 2016 Colors Into Your Wedding Color Scheme

new year's engagementEvery dating couple hopes that each year’s New Year’s Eve will be a memorable one and one that causes sparks to fly everywhere, especially in the romance department. With the possible exception of Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Eve is the most popular night or day for marriage proposals. Once you and your fiance have decided to get married, you may be wondering about what happens next. At Bice’s Florist, we know that our Fort Worth area customers will want to do their weddings on the same grand scale that Texans choose for every special occasion.


We thought we’d use this blog to help you get a head start on those all important wedding planning preparations.


Come Up With a Theme for Your Wedding


The launching point for any wedding plan is the theme. Most couples choose a theme that relates to a pivotal moment in their relationship. The theme can also revolve around a couple’s shared interest. Think of the things you like to do together, or things that are important to you.


Think About a Color Scheme


The color scheme is another important element in any wedding plan. An excellent resource for seasonal color information is Pantone. For Spring of 2016, Pantone is showcasing a palette of gender neutral colors. The palette is also vividly bright. The bright color scheme that Pantone is showing is a reflection of the predominate colors that the fashion industry will use during the Spring 2016 season. Think of Pantone Spring palette as possible colors for your bridal party’s dresses, ties, bouquets, ceremony flowers, boutonnieres, corsages and other flowers.


One of the colors that Pantone shows for Spring 2016 is a color called Peach Echo. It is more of a coral color than an orange as the color of peaches. “Lily Sensation” is an excellent example of a flower arrangement that would be a beautiful bouquet or centerpiece. It has orange or coral colored lilies, roses, Birds of Paradise, and purple dendrobium orchids.


Bright yellow is another spring color for 2016. No flower captures the essence of the brilliance of sunshine than Stunning Sunflowers. The addition of yellow roses dresses up the simplicity of sunflowers, and red hypericum berries contribute more color and brightness. This combination of flowers and flower colors captures the feeling of optimism that Pantone expressed in the release about the new spring colors.


If you got engaged on New Year’s Eve, don’t wait to start planning your wedding. You can count on our floral design experts to help you create the wedding of your dreams.


5 Reasons to Consider a Winter Wedding

winter weddingWinter weddings offer a break from the expected and can bring unparalleled elegance to your celebration. While everyone seems to want a spring or summertime wedding, winter brings with it a number of design and décor options that you might not have thought of otherwise. The following are five of the top design and decor reasons you should consider planning a winter wedding:

1. Winter Whites

White is a primary wedding color, and the winter season is characterized by brilliant shades of winter white. The bride’s dress is traditionally white, and just about any flower type can look amazing in this pristine hue. But while the all-white look can work amazingly well as a main décor motif, white is also extremely chic as an accent color.

2. Subtle Ivories and Greys

A winter wedding setting can also be exquisitely accented with subtle tones that are not too far removed from white, like ivory and light grey. Just about any flower type will accent this color palette, from deep colored roses to pastel or white flowers with subtle, detailed petal structures. Orchids, tulips, carnations and spray roses can also work well for winter weddings.

3. Exquisite Accent Flowers

It’s easy to accent winter bouquets and centerpieces with flowers that are complementary to the season. Consider using white hydrangea, dusty miller, ranunculuses, anemones, silver brunia and pastel touches to create the perfect accents and additions to take their breath away.

4. Holiday Touches

A winter wedding offers the opportunity for a Christmas or other holiday season tie-in. Subtle touches of red and evergreen can serve as an ideal accent for a grey or ivory theme. Consider working in other holiday elements like holly leaves, mistletoe, pinecones and hints of evergreen into the décor. These flourishes can bring a delightful spirit to your winter wedding nuptials.

5. Anything Goes

While white and shades of red and green traditionally usher in the holiday season, the truth is that any color can beautifully accent grey and ivory. From deep regal violet hues to warm tones, it’s up to you. Get the perfect look for your taste and style with flower and décor choices that create the ideal backdrop for your special day.

A wedding during the winter season holds numerous opportunities for uniquely elegant décor. Consider these top reasons to design a winter wedding, and contact Bice’s Florist to place your winter wedding flower order.


Welcome To Bice’s Weddings

IMG084113040843735We understand that weddings are very personal and each one unique. At Bice’s Florist, we offer only experienced floral designers to help suggest flowers and decorations for your special day.

We feel that your decorations should reflect your personal taste, that’s why you will never feel like you should or should not do anything when you consult with us. We are happy to advise or suggest, but will never insist.

Attention to every detail is our promise to you. We love sharing and creating ideas that will surely create a stunning wedding you will always remember.


Our products never compromise quality and our service of weddings are second to none. We always have a delivery van as well as a designer available to help set up for your special day. Our telephones are answered 24 hours a day, so no matter what time you need to contact us, we are always available.

Your wedding day is very important to us, there is no detail too small to consider. With that being understood, feel free to view some of our work from previous weddings and call us at your convenience with any of your concerns.

If you are planning a wedding in the Tarrant County area, we can meet with you and stay in touch via e-mails of pictures and ideas until your wedding day. We often set up a consultation with a bride, then follow up with additional ideas by sending e-mail pictures of upcoming wedding designs or new ideas as they arise.

Don’t hesitate to ask about flowers that may not be available in our area. We have resources around the world that we can contact and accommodate almost any unusual request.

One thing we always ask our new brides to do: As you look through the hundreds of wedding publications for ideas, cut out any page with particular flowers, colors, or styles you prefer. We can easily reproduce your desired look and it makes it so much easier for us to understand exactly what you would like. Remember, we will design and create anything you wish, so start clipping and lets start creating!

Weddings designed by Bice’s Florist always recognize the importance of cost and value.

We specialize in the most creative designs and thoughts, yet understanding the value of your budget. In most cases, given a price range, we can usually accommodate most all your design and decoration needs.

Take a glance at some of our value wedding packages. This is a combination of the most available flowers (usually always in stock) in a design format that is easy to accommodate at any time. Working within these guidelines gives us the ability to maximize the value and creativity of your wedding requests. This can also be a nice starting point. It is never a problem to add to the suggestions.

Bice’s Florist will only assign one design manager to handle your wedding. After all, it is the most important day of your life and important to us too. Because of our years of experience, we understand all about the nervous jitters and changes that may be necessary to complete your requests. We are always available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We consider it a privilege to be included in your special day.