Mother of the Bride Responsibilities

mother rolesThroughout their lives, a mother fills many roles for her children. The assistance and support that she provides doesn’t stop once a wedding day approaches, however. In fact, the mother of the bride is responsible for many of the tasks it takes to make the wedding planning go smoothly. From assisting with the guest list to welcoming guests at the reception, the mother of the bride has a way of making sure everything works out beautifully.

The most important thing the mother of the bride can contribute is ongoing encouragement, cheerful support, and a shoulder to lean on. After all, she is mom, and that’s what moms do. The more tactile responsibilities of the mother of the bride include helping to determine the budget; helping to choose the venue and compile the guest list; sending the invitations and managing the responses, and coordinating all the relevant details with the vendors. These vendors include the entertainers, caterers, photographers and of course, the florist.

One of the most cherished jobs that belong to the mother of the bride is to accompany her daughter when shopping for the all important wedding gown. As one of the very few people who gets the chance to see the bride before the ceremony, mom has a special privilege and bond with her daughter. Mom will also help to pick out accessories, collect “something borrowed, old and blue”, and be the one with her daughter as she dresses for the wedding. Some traditions state that it should be the mother of the bride who places the veil over the bride’s face.

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