Wedding Trends – Metallics and Glittering Accents

wedding trends

wedding trends
Silver, gold or mixed metals – metallic accents are one of the hottest wedding trends of the last several years, and the momentum doesn’t seem to be slowing down at all. Metallics add glimmer, shine, glamour and sophistication to your special day – and they blend amazingly well with virtually any type of flower or any color palette.  If you are looking for a way to add extra details that will make your day sparkle from any angle, metallics are a perfect choice. And the floral experts at Bice’s Florist are the people to trust for all of your wedding day florals.

Metallic details can be bold, such as towering vases for flowers, polished silver goblets that catch the candlelight, or golden candelabras, photo frames and mirrors that provide an opulent, vintage look.
But metallics can also be more subtle, such as smaller baubles and elements that reflect the wedding trends light. Shimmering table cloths with jewel encrusted runners, metallic ribbons and natural branches spray-painted in white and silver can all create the ambience you are hoping for. Simply browsing the aisles of an antique or second hand store can give you amazing inspiration for unique metallic details.

You can add the glitz with glitter-covered invitations and menus, vintage jewelry for the bride and bridesmaids, twinkling lights overhead, edible cake decor in silver and gold – the possibilities are endless!  If you need some more ideas, come talk to the experts at Bice’s Florist! We’ve been privileged to help many Fort Worth couples to celebrate in style, and we look forward to your wedding day as well.