Incorporating Flowers into your Proposal


Asking someone to marry you can be quite intimidating- and the way people approach the big question varies from the simple to the extravagant. No matter how you choose to ask for the hand of your intended, the wedding experts at Bice’s Florist are a great resource. We’ve seen hundreds of Fort Worth area weddings, and we know a thing or two about adding florals to any important event! When planning your proposal, you can never have too many flowers – and we’d like to help to inspire you.
Make an Entrance: No matter where your proposal is to take place, create a “red carpet” of petals leading up to the chosen location. If it is evening, line the petal pathway with candles as well, for a truly magical effect.

Treat Her Like Royalty: Start the date by presenting her with a floral crown, assuring her that she is your princess. This will also make for special photos once you pop the question.


Make it Last All Day: Send multiple small bouquets throughout the day leading up to the proposal, culminating in a massive bouquet when you ask.

Go Al Fresco: An outdoor proposal offers great photo opportunities. Set up a picnic and drape floral garlands from the trees, or cover the area with mason jars showcasing a favorite bloom.

Many people are aware of their loved one’s favorite flowers, and therefore it is easy to cover your restaurant table in orchids or blanket a desk ┬áin daisies. If you aren’t sure of which flowers to use, simply look for the colors they most often wear, or the color palette of their decor. Wedding floral experts know that a bride often walks into a consultation wearing a color very close to the flowers she eventually chooses, so pay attention!

The proposal is the first step on your way to the wedding – and as such, using florals creatively is a beautiful way to begin your journey. Call the wedding experts at Bice’s Florist today, and we’ll help you to make your proposal spectacular.