Summer Planning for Your Holiday Wedding

holiday weddingThe joy, magic and romance of the holiday season makes it a great time to celebrate a wedding.  Wondering where to start when planning a winter wedding? For those couples anxiously awaiting their big day, the summer months are actually the right time to begin consolidating all the details and finalizing bookings. Most wedding coordinators recommend having your venue booked and dresses chosen 6 months out from the date.
Whether you have chosen a church, restaurant, hotel or any other event venue, expert planners advise asking if they will be decorating the space for the holiday season. Many venues will already be adorning their space with beautiful lights, trees, wreaths, and festive plants which may be able to be incorporated into your winter wedding ambiance. For instance, a large staircase with lights and florals may make a stunning photo location; but only if their color palette or style does not clash with yours. Knowing what the venue has planned may affect your choices, and could save you on cost, time and setup.
Next, it is important to decide on your floral arrangements, centerpieces, and bouquets. As a bride, it would be a nightmare to hear at the last minute that the flowers you always dreamed of cannot be found in time; or are not seasonally available. Making your floral plans now can ensure that you will be educated on what types of flowers and plants are going to be ready and accessible during the winter, as well as have proper time to decide on the looks that you love. This is an area where the expertise of our team will be extremely valuable – helping you to determine the right look, the right blooms and the right vision – while staying within the right budget. Experimenting with different flowers in person is a great way to visualize what everything will look like well in advance.
In only 6 months, it will be time to walk down the aisle. Let Bice’s Florist make sure that every floral detail of that day is just as you’ve dreamed. Call us today to plan your perfect winter wedding.